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Important Updates and Information(shipping cost issue fixed, international shipping now available)

Hey everybody, I hope you're well. With the release of our EP this past weekend, we had made all our merch items and bundles available on our merch store. However, there seemed to be far too many abandoned carts and we couldn't seem to figure out what the cause of this was. After doing a little test with our checkout system, it became apparent that shipping prices were calculating oddly and were roughly $10 more than what they should have been. I couldn't seem to figure out what was causing this as our shipping prices were set properly for each item. With the help of our Hosts EXCELLENT tech support, it was discovered that there was an accidental surcharge for packaging, although we...

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Hey everybody, thanks for showing your interest in the band and stopping by our merch site! We are excited to bring you a variety of merch, and although our selection is currently on the small side, we have plenty of ideas for really cool and exciting items we hope to bring you in the near future.Our debut EP, Late To The Party, is out October 22nd at 12:00am ET, and will be available right here both physically and digitally! All CD's come with a digital download so you can enjoy the album while you wait for your physical copy to arrive by mail.Although the EP is only available on CD and Digitally for now, we are big fans of vinyl and wouldn't mind adding it...

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